#SanctuaryStrike Update: October 15, 2020

Hi everyone!

For those of you who joined the litigation group, we received the following communication from the legal team. Please make sure you send the requested information ASAP to

"By way of update, we are still waiting for a response from Sanctuary Students, but I am hopeful that we should receive one this week.

In the meantime I thought I would reach out to you regarding information that we still need from our clients.

General Information Relating to the Claim

We are still waiting on 49 clients to provide us with the information that we requested a couple of weeks ago. For reference this was:


Home address;

Contract with Sanctuary Students;

Amount of rent arrears;

All correspondence with Sanctuary Students; and

Any other relevant documents.

This information is vital for understanding and presenting these individuals’ claims, so it is important that we receive it as soon as possible.

Know Your Client Documents

As outlined in the attached letter, as part of our regulatory obligations we need to confirm and validate our clients’ identities and addresses. If you could circulate this letter to all those that are currently participating in the strike that would be extremely helpful.

Pro Bono Agreements

We have received a considerable number of emails from clients providing us with the information that we requested a couple of weeks ago. However, we have received a couple from clients that we do not have signed agreements for. Without these we are unable to represent them. Therefore, in order to ensure that we have a clear understanding of all those individuals that we represent, please could you ask all those that are currently participating in the strike to send their signed agreements to"

- The #SanctuaryStrike Team

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