Incoming Lilian Knowles House residents 2020/21

Hi everyone,

My name is Tama, and I’m reaching out to you today as one of the organisers of the #SanctuaryStrike, a UK-wide student-led rent strike against the Sanctuary Students organisation. As you are planning on living in Lilian Knowles House this coming year, this is information that you may wish to be aware of.

Right now, students all over the UK are on rent strike because unlike almost every other private accommodation provider, Sanctuary Students is refusing to let students out of their contracts in the midst of the global pandemic. Even though services have been reduced or stopped, Sanctuary Students is refusing to allow students who have already left their accommodation to terminate their contracts early, forcing them to pay full price for rooms that are unoccupied. Many other private providers such as iQ, Urbanest, Unite, and Liberty Living have changed their policies in light of COVID-19, but Sanctuary Students is knowingly forcing many students into financial hardship for reasons they refuse to communicate.

Why does this affect you? Even if by September the world has gone back to normalcy, you should know that you will be less protected in Lilian Knowles House than if you were living in an LSE-owned hall, or an LSE hall owned by another private provider. Sanctuary Students is shamelessly profiteering off of students in the midst of a pandemic, to the point that they are now threatening students with legal action for standing up for their rights.

If this concerns you, please take a look around our website for more details. We are updating the website with news and information regularly, and there are resources there for anyone who is looking for ways to get involved. For incoming students, such as you, we have written template e-mails that can be sent to the LSE administration expressing your worries and asking that they explain how they intend to protect their current and future students. You can find these templates by visiting the website, under the “How to Support the Campaign” page.

If you have any questions about the rent strike, please feel free to use our Contact Us forms, or send an e-mail to our campaign account:

In solidarity,


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